The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2018

– Nordic insights for greener healthcare


Welcome to The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare – the annual Nordic meeting place for everyone who wants to make a difference. The conference will reunite stakeholders of the healthcare sector for a discussion around challenges that follow the increased requirements to organisations’ environmental impacts and sustainability performance – and solutions to these challenges.

This time, we will discuss how suppliers with sustainable solutions reach their markets. We will present a unique survey that shows what expectations suppliers have from their customers – big healthcare institutions. In the survey, representatives from these institutions provided feedback to suppliers’ questions and discussed different angles of healthcare procurement.

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Extract from the agenda:

  • Study of interaction between hospitals and suppliers of sustainable products
  • Sustainability at Kaiser Permanente, one of the world’s biggest healthcare consortia
  • Tools for sustainable construction and maintenance of healthcare buildings
  • International knowledge from sustainable health and care systems
  • How can procurement improve organisations’ sustainability
  • Antibiotic resistance – modern day’s major healthcare challenge

The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2018 will look beyond the Nordics. We have invited speakers from the USA, Israel, the UK and other parts of the world. This way our participants will get a unique opportunity to broaden their network, reach new markets and get new insights in what is needed to boost environmental and sustainability efforts in the Nordic healthcare sector.

The conference and the exhibition is a meeting place for companies with sustainable solutions from a wide range of sectors – CleanTech, MedTech, Life Science etc. These companies provide services and products that address negative impacts from healthcare, both environmental and social. Moreover, we have invited companies from construction, architecture, logistics, digitalisation and many other sectors and branches that have significant influence on healthcare’s overall sustainability performance.

The conference is in English, and there are seminars in Swedish among the parallel sessions.


The conference is in English, and there are seminars in Swedish among the parallel sessions. The sessions marked Swedish and English will start with a part in English.

08.00 Registration, exhibition and breakfast
Registration and opening of the exhibition. Tea/coffee and sandwiches are served.


09.10-09.20 Aktuell Hållbarhet and the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare open the conference

  • Daniel Eriksson, founder, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare
  • Mikael Salo, editor-in-chief, Aktuell Hållbarhet
  • Pernilla Strid, journalist, Aktuell Hållbarhet, moderator


09.20 – 09.45 Value creation and sustainability at one of the US largest care institutions

Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest integrated health systems in the USA, has long served as an inspiration for Nordic politicians and healthcare companies. Kaiser Permanente operates in nine American states and has a turnover equivalent to that of all Swedish county councils combined. Consistent with its nonprofit status, Kaiser Permanente reinvests all of its operating income into serving the health needs of its patients, members and communities. The conference gives a unique insight into how this organisation, governed by its values, has developed into a bold leader in environmental stewardship.

  • Joe Bialowitz, National Environmental Program Leader, Kaiser Permanente


09.45-10.00 Suppliers’ views of sustainability work at hospitals
A study / benchmarking was conducted in the fall 2017 with major suppliers of sustainable solutions to healthcare concerning the challenges that they face in their markets. Do top managers at big Nordic hospitals prioritise sustainability? Are they willing to try new innovative solutions to better meet the sustainability requirements? Does procurement and other tools for fair competition work properly? Join us to hear about the results of the survey presented for the first time during the 2018 conference.

  • Daniel Eriksson, founder, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare

10.00-10.30 New thoughts on interplay between the private and public sectors
The supplier survey follows up on the last year’s study where leading hospitals in the region revealed their challenges and priorities in environmental and sustainability work. The panel will discuss how the mainly state-funded sector of healthcare interplays with private companies – suppliers of products and services. How can suppliers’ innovation force make a better contribution to a more sustainable healthcare?

  • Lena Stig, Development Manager, Region Jämtland Härjedalen
  • Charlotta Brask, environmental manager, Stockholm Country Council
  • Trude Ertesvåg, Special Adviser on Environment, Sykehuspartner
  • Andreas Bäckäng, CEO, Enrad
  • Lars-Erik Lindholm, Sales Director, Bbd Ozonator

10.30 – 11.00 Break
Coffee/tea, networking and chance to visit the exhibition


11.00-12.00 Choose one of three parallel sessions:

A.1 Substitute more – the challenge of chemicals (Session in Swedish)
Room: TOR
According to scientific data, only in 10-30 percent of ordinary cancer cases the cause is other than environmental factors. In other words, environmental health is an area that needs further research and action. One of the most crucial issues here is substitution – the need to identify and replace risk chemicals.

  • Mattias Öberg, associate professor in toxicology, Karolinska Institute
  • Anders Bolmstedt, chemist specializing in health and environment, National Substitution Group for chemical products and Tove Mali’n, leader, Swedish Substitution Center
  • Tore Havellen, adviser, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo

A.2 Sustainable procurement – cornerstone for sustainability work (Session in English)
Room: LOKE
Big healthcare institutions, both public and private, need well-elaborated strategies for procurement. How can these institutions guarantee lowest price and best service? How can environment, climate, resource efficiency, circular solutions and other sustainability-related criteria be included to a complex procurement process?

  • Charlotta Brask, environmental manager, Stockholm Country Council
  • John Macauley, Regional Programme Specialist, HIV, Health and Development, UNDP
  • Sören Enholm, CEO, TCO Development

A.3 Sustainable healthcare – Nordic strength (Session in English)
According to a recent report by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Innovation, sustainability is one of the strongest areas of the Nordic healthcare sector and healthcare export. Why is the Nordic region so successful? How has healthcare become a focal point and how can we benefit from it? Join a moderated discussion with a panel of stakeholders with insight and intrest in the Nordic growth and export institutions.

  • Daniel Eriksson, founder, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare
  • Sofia Norberg, Programme Manager, Health Division, Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency
  • Mona Truelsen, Senior Innovation Adviser, Nordic Innovation
  • Amina Pereno, Politecnico di Torrino
  • Rachel Billod-Mulalic, International relations Comité pour le Développement Durable en Santé, C2DS
  • Nima Jokilaakso, Project Manager, Swecare

12.00 – 13.00  Lunch
Networking and chance to visit the exhibition


13.00-13.45 Choose one of three parallel sessions:

B.1 The complex life cycle of pharmaceuticals: how can we make it more sustainable? (Session in English/Swedish)
Room: TOR
The pharmaceutical industry and its distributors face significant environmental and sustainability-related challenges – social sustainability in the supply chain, antibiotic resistance and pharmaceutical waste in the environment, to name a few. Meanwhile, the pharma industry is strong enough to deal with the sustainability challenge. We also raise Sustainable Development Goal number three and report on Swedish cutting edge research regarding vaccines and drugs against communicable diseases that primarily affect developing countries.

  • Anna Lövsén, business area director water and sewage, Tekniska Verken, Lidköping
  • Björn Sjöstrand, CEO, Scandinavian Biophrama
  • Bengt Mattsson,head of CSR- och miljöchef, Phizer

B.2 A helping hand in sustainability work (session in Swedish)

It is both time-consuming and complex to create a system for planning and implementation of sustainability work in big organisations. One can end up re-inventing the wheel as very often existing certificates and standards provide guidance and support. The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2018 gives an insight and a deeper understanding of three systems that can offer a helping hand in sustainability work.

  • Sue Clark, LEED-director, Sweden Green Building Council
  • Eleftherios Zacharakis, Sustainability Consultant, WELL AP, LEED AP, WSP Sweden
  • Tina Lindh, Project Manager, Castellum

B.3 IT-solutions for sustainable healthcare (Session in English)
Room: LOKE
Digital doctor visits, virtual surgeries, optimised logistics, facility management and other IT-solutions make a vital contribution to sustainability work within the healthcare sector. If applied properly, IT-products and systems become useful tools that can reduce environmental impacts, effectively lower costs and help healthcare institutions invest more in their principal assignment – to provide care and treatment to patients.

  • Irina Lindquist, Healthcare segment manager, Schneider Electric
  • Gustav Stenbeck, CEO, Mestro
  • Andreas Dobrescu, CEO, Voxeyes

13.45 – 14.15 Break
Coffee/tea, networking and chance to visit the exhibition


14.15-15.15 Choose one of three parallel sessions:

C.1 It’s in the walls – sustainable ideas from architects, constructors and clients (Session in English)
Room: TOR

Environmental and sustainability concerns play an important role when modern hospitals are constructed and managed. However, in the complex procurement and decision-making processes construction and maintenance costs are often weighed against each other, and not all sustainability ideas turn into action. This session will give an insight into how architects and their clients plan, sketch and build sustainable energy- and resource-efficient Nordic hospitals of the future. Behavioral changes to ensure efficient operations will also be discussed during the session.

  • Mai-Britt Beldam, Central Concept Developer Healthcare, Ecophon Group
  • Charlotte Ruben, architect, partner, White
  • Martin Döllmeier, International Sales Manager, Cadolto
  • Anna Teghammar, Environment specialist , Region Västra Götaland

C.2 Resource management – bloodstream of the sustainable healthcare (Session in English)
Room: LOKE
Healthcare needs efficient systems to manage energy, material, waste and other resources in order to function properly. Any form of resource management is a vital sustainability aspect. How can healthcare use less resources while keeping the same level of care? The change will be possible only with new materials, higher energy efficiency, more re-cycling, more re-use, and new types of fuel.

  • Jonas Möller Nielsen, Project Manager, Region Halland
  • Malin Emmoth, Project Manager, SWT Development
  • Susanne Backer, CE Project Manager, Aarhus University Hospital
  • Daniel J. Vukelich, President Association of Medical Device Reprocessors, USA

C.3 Open session (Session in English)
Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare offers the partners of the conference to communicate directly to our audience. In conversations led by the moderators, they speak about their sustainable products and offers towards the actors within healthcare.

  • Magnus Clarin, Oco Nordic
  • Andreas Bäckäng, CEO, Enrad
  • Martin Duske, Specialist of sustainable flooring in healthcare, Nora Systems
  • Ida Virtala, Area Sales Manager, Paxxo
  • Mikael Thörner, Business Development, Siemens

15.15 – 15.30 Short break before plenary session


15.30-16.15 International knowledge on sustainable health and care
When it comes to the modern sustainability agenda within the healthcare sector, the Nordics is one of the leading regions. However, in other parts of the world there are organisations willing to work for better sustainability. Join The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2018 for a round-the-world trip where leading decision-makers and experts from the USA, Israel and the UK discuss how they improved sustainability performance of their organisations. We look forward to get inspired and to find answers to some important questions. What challenges are ahead? What can we do better? Where are the threats?

  • Jodi Sherman, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology, Environmental Compliance Officer, Yale School of Medicine, USA
  • Avi Blau, head of Afeka Institute of Circular Engineering & Economy, Israel
  • Rachel Stancliffe, CEO, Centre for sustainable healthcare, Oxford, UK


16.15 – 16.30 Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare awards
For the second year in a row, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare awards its inaugural prizes to three outstanding actors. Last year’s winners were Paxxo; Pharem Biotech and Uppsala University Hospital; Landspítali University Hospital Iceland. Who will get the awards this time?

  • Sustainable Healthcare Organiser of the Year
  • Sustainable Healthcare Innovation of the Year
  • Sustainable Healthcare Company of the Year


16.30-16.55 Antibiotic resistance – a critical sustainability question
Antibiotic resistance is often cited as the most crucial sustainability question of healthcare. Today pneumonia and some surgeries such as hip replacement are associated with low risks, but they can become deadly again if the resistance to antibiotics grows. According to British officials, antibiotics resistance causes 700 000 deaths every year globally, and in 2050 the number is expected to be 10 million if nothing is done to prevent it. Joakim Larsson, professor and Director of the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research at University of Gothenburg, asks for more action. At The Nordic Conference on Sustainable Healthcare 2018, he will elaborate on what needs to be done by different actors to combat antibiotics resistance with a special focus on limiting environmental pollution – ranging from Indian pharmaceutical factories to day-to-day operations at western world hospitals.

  • Joakim Larsson, professor of environmental pharmacology at the University of Gothenburg


16.55 – 17.00 The moderator summaries the conference

17.00 – 18.00 Meet-and-greet with refreshments


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