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Sustainable Business Day 2016

Date: The 19th of April
Time: 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm, Sweden


Time for sustainable business transformation
– at speed, with scale!

Welcome to Sustainable Business Day 2016 – the largest and leading arena for sustainable business in Nordic region.

Last year was a super year for sustainability. In Paris world leaders negotiated a deal for greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations launched the 17 new sustainable development goals. And now everybody expects the business community to deliver.

Find out what this means for the future of your business, for consumers and for society at this important conference. Sustainable Business Day 2016 gives you the opportunity to listen and interact with some of the key players and decision-makers in sustainability. The on-going transformation is happening fast – and the scale is impressive! Get the latest on what’s going on and what it means for your company.

Price: 3 500 kr excl. VAT

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As a participant you get

  • Inspiration and valuable intelligence on how to develop your future business and strategy.
  • Numerous hands-on examples and latest international thinking on the future of business.
  • Network opportunities with your peers across the Nordic region.


Key issues addressed in the agenda

  • Target growth and differentiation in your business strategy by a greater understanding of your place in a sustainable society
  • You need to monitor the value creation process of sustainability – this is how to do it
  • This is what major trends such as digitalization, circular business models and transparency means for sustainable business innovation
  • True rewards for sustainability – learn more about the future of customer appreciation
  • Cooperation with other companies – do it the right way and increase competitiveness


The Agenda 

for Sustainable Business Day, April 19, 2016

Plenary: Session 1

09.00 Welcome!
The conference hosts opens the conference, presents the moderators and the theme of the event.

Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute
Åsa Uhlin, Editor in Chief, Veckans affärer

09.10 Intro: Time for sustainable transformation

2015 was a super-year of sustainability. In Paris world leaders agreed upon a global framework to decrease climate emissions and the UN launched 17 new sustainable development goals. This marked the beginning of positive transformation of society – lead by business!

Ole Hansen, Chief, Business of Tomorrow, UN Global Compact will talk about the role for business in this transformation.

Key Note Speaker:
Ole Hansen, Chief, Business of Tomorrow, UN Global Compact

09.35 Strategy: Business strategy for transformational leadership –how to move ahead

The way companies currently operate will not allow them to keep up with the current nor the desired future pace of change. They need to transform themselves, their markets and the way the game is played. This offers enormous challenges but also unprecedented opportunities: multi-trillion-dollar markets are at stake accessible to transformational leaders and disruptive new businesses that find new ways to drive growth and differentiation. This session deals with the new strategies required to guide transformation.

Raymond Carlsen, CEO, Scatec Solar, a world leading solar power producer
Henriette Wendt, Senior Vice President, TeliaSonera, the New Generation Telco
Elaine Weidman, Vice President, Ericsson


10.15 Coffee Break

Plenary: Session 2


The business case for change – identify, track and utilize the shared value created to your business and to society

A key to successful transformation is to express the sustainability value for the company and society in financial terms. When understanding value for society, business models can be formed to ensure value generation benefits to all stakeholders.

This session deals with monitoring of value creation in a shared value perspective and the business case for sustainability. We also discuss the possibilities of utilising sustainable development goals for measurements and follow up.

Marc Pfitzer, Managing Director, FSG
Frans Lindelöw, CEO, Skandia

Why investors are falling in love with sustainable companies (40 min)

Investors play a key role in directing funds to the companies that can achieve most positive transformation with it. Leading investors are rapidly improving their practices of analyzing companies and other ventures to invest in. This session discusses and analyses what kind of change investors can make, and how  to evaluate both shareholder value and stakeholder value. Finally the session covers how the UN:s 17 Sustainable Development goals will be relevant for the investor community.

Therése Lennehag, Head of Responsible Investment, EQT
Colin Melvin, Global Head of Stewardship, Hermes Investment Management
Zaiga Strautmane, Head of ESG, Unipension FAIF A/S


12.20 Lunch break


Break outs: Session 3

Parallel breakout sessions focus on how to manage sustainable innovation, benefit from the digital revolution and become a game-changer through leadership within traceability, supply chain issues, mobility and new collaborative partnerships.


13.30-14.20 As participant you choose between the following break out-seminars.


A1. Circular business models – will consumers be convinced?
Host: Accenture
Venue: Mässhallen

Many companies are starting to develop circular business models. The question now is how consumers will react to products and services within circular economy. Will the market reward circular business models? Companies need to get circular economy going with current customer preferences and needs.

Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development, Interface
Pia Heidenmark-Cook, Head of Sustainability, Retail & Expansion, IKEA
Tapani Jokinen, Chief Design Officer, Puzzlephone
Tomas Haglund, Director Sustainability Services Sweden, Accenture


B1. Business models for transformation to an energy system with reneable and recovered energy
Host: AB Fortum Värme, co-owned by the City of Stockholm
Venue: Fogelströmrummet

A goal for the city of Stockholm with 100 percent renewable and recovered energy is possible to achieve before 2030. This session deals with the business models, strategies and solutions how to do this and contribute to a sustainable region and city. The business models are developed in cooperation with customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Anders Egelrud, CEO, AB Fortum Värme co-owned by the City of Stockholm
Torbjörn Bengtsson, Business Development Manager, Stockholm Business Region


C1. Traceability – Who harvested my organic tomato?
Host: Accenture
Venue: Riddarsalen

What happens in my supply chain? The speed and distances that information travels today puts both new expectations on companies as well as increased risks. Consumers expect control and transparency today and most probably even more so tomorrow. Incidents far upstream in the value chain can become large scandals downstream. How can companies respond to these requirements when supply chains becoming more complex and global?

Melissa Barrett, Managing Director Sustainability Strategy, Accenture
Louise König, Sustainability Manager, COOP
Claes Johansson, Sustainability Manager, Lantmännen


14.20 Short break 


14.35-15.25 As participant you choose between the following break out-seminars.


A2. Business innovation and digitalization as an enabler for the low carbon economy
Host: Accenture
Venue: Mässhallen

Digital development and sustainable business innovation transforms our society and changes consumer behaviours as never before. Digital innovations within ICT as Industrial Internet of Things can also be the primary enabler for gaining speed and scale towards a sustainable low carbon society.

Justin Keeble, Managing Director Sustainability Strategy, Accenture
Johanna Pirinen, Director Corporate Responsibility, Konecranes Global Corporation
Håkan Nordkvist, Director Sustainable Innovation, IKEA Group
Aniruddho Basu
, Vice President, Technology Portfolio & Advisory, Ericsson


B2. Circular Economy and lifecycle assessment – Friends or foe?
Host: Thinkstep
Venue: Fogelströmrummet

Thinkstep will in this session explore how and where circular economy can create value for businesses and how LCA can help companies assess the environmental impact of their products when designed to be part of a circular solution. Other important issues adressed is how to accelerate transition to become more circular and have clarity on what the next actions are.
Thinkstep will also give a teaser of the GaBi solution used for smart calculation of Circularity Indicators.

Lise Molander, Principal consultant and Director of Strategic Accounts, Nordic Region, Thinkstep


C2. Mobility – Who will own a driverless car?
Host: Accenture
Venue: Riddarsalen

New buzzwords are used in the world of transportation – electro mobility, seamless travel, integrated mobility, autonomous driving, car-pooling, and zero emission zones a reality. This session focuses on the future flow of goods and people and which barriers and drivers there are for shifting to a more sustainable mobility system.

David Hallgren, Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy – Automotive & Consumer Goods 

Endre Angelvik, CIO, Ruter
Jessica Sandström, Senior Vice President City Mobility, Volvo Bus Corporation
Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Director of Nordic Sales, Tesla Motors


15.25 Coffee break

Plenary Session 4

16.00 The road ahead – time for controversial collaborations with impact on society and business!
Social unrest, climate change, war and terror are putting pressure on our societies. The business community is asked to help out. How is it possible to extend social responsibility through new radical collaborations and at the same time deliver sustainable economic performance?

Monica Lingegård, CEO, Samhall
Elisabeth Dahlin, Secretary General, Save the Children


16.30 The Nordic way on sustainable leadership
Nordic companies operate on a global market and need to be competitive. Many politicians in the Nordic countries want healthy national businesses, but also expect them to deliver top sustainability performance. What issues could and perhaps should be addressed in collaboration?

Per Bolund, Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, Deputy Minister for Finance
Mikko Routti, Chief Executive, FIBS, the leading non-profit corporate responsibility network in Finland
Lena Ander, Secretary General, NMC the Swedish Association for Sustainable Business




About Sustainable Business Day 


What is Sustainable Business Day?
A forum where business leaders meet, get inspired and improve the competitiveness of Nordic business – through new tools and know-how to address global sustainability challenges.

Who are attending?

We have room for 500 Nordic business leaders, C-level and middle management; sustainability and non-sustainability professionals with extra focus on individuals with own P/L responsibilities.

What do you get as a participant?

Inspiration and valuable intelligence on how to develope your future business strategy – by leading hands-on examples and latest international thinking.

Network with other individuals across Nordic business to share ideas or do business with.

Engagement into multiple initiatives being started or advanced through out the day.

Price: 3 500 kr excl. VAT






Ole_Lund_Hansen 100x100Mellanrum 1Frans Lindelöw_ 100x100pxMellanrum 1Marc Pfitzer FSG_100x100 px
Ole Hansen  Frans Lindelöw                                                            Marc Pfitzer
Chief, Business of Tomorrow,                                      CEO,    Managing Director,
UN Global Compact                                                      Skandia                                                                            FSG

elizabeth dahlin rädda barnen 100x100pxMellanrum 1Mellanrum 1monica_lingegard 100x100
Elisabeth Dahlin   Vigga Svensson                                                           Monica Lingegård
Secretary General,                                                         Founder,                                                                          CEO,
Save the children                                                           Vigga                                                                               Samhall

Mellanrum 1Therése Lennehag_EQT Partners(1) 100x100Mellanrum 1elaine 100x100
Justin Keeble  Therése Lennehag  Elaine Weidman 
Managing Director,                                                        Head of Responsible Investment,                               Vice President,
Sustainability Strategy, Accenture                              EQT                                                                                   Ericsson

tomas haglund 100x100Mellanrum 1colin melvin 100x100Mellanrum 1Geanne van Arkel (1) 100x100
Tomas Haglund   Colin Melvin  Geanne van Arkel 
Director Sustainability Services                                  Hermes Equity                                                               Head of Sustainable
Sweden, Accenture                                                       Ownership Services (EOS)                                           Development, Interface

jessica-sandstrom 100x100 Mellanrum 1Lise 100x100Mellanrum 1Zaiga Strautmane 100x100
Jessica Sandström   Lise Molander                                                               Zaiga Strautmane
Senior Vice President City Mobility,                            Principal consultant and Director of                            Head of ESG,
Volvo Bus Corporation                                                  Strategic Accounts, Thinkstep                                     Unipension FAIF A/S

melissa barrett 100x100Mellanrum 1Tapani Jokinen 100x100Mellanrum 1raymond carlsen 100x100
Melissa Barrett                                                            Tapani Jokinen                                                             Raymond Carlsen
Managing Director,                                                        Chief Design Officer,                                                      CEO,
Sustainability Strategy, Accenture                              Puzzlephone                                                                   Scatec Solar

Mellanrum 1lena ander 100x100Mellanrum 1mikko routti 100x100
Henriette Wendt                                                          Lena Ander                                                                    Mikko Routti
Senior Vice President,                                                  Secretary General,                                                          Chief Executive,
TeliaSonera                                                                    NMC                                                                                  FIBS

ani 100x100Mellanrum 1Per Bolund Finansmarknadsminister Konsumentminister Biträdande
Aniruddho Basu                                                           Per Bolund 
Vice President, Technology                                         Minister for Financial Markets
Portfolio & Advisory
,                                                     and Consumer Affairs,
Ericsson                                                                          Deputy Minister for Finance


Louise König, Sustainability Manager, COOP
Claes Johansson, Sustainability Manager, Lantmännen
Anders Egelrud, CEO, AB Fortum Värme co-owned by the City of Stockholm
Pia Heidenmark-Cook, Head of Sustainability, Retail & Expansion, IKEA
Endre Angelvik, CIO, Ruter
Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Director of Nordic Sales, Tesla Motors
Johanna Pirinen, Director Corporate Responsibility, Konecranes Global Corporation
Håkan Nordkvist, Director Sustainable Innovation, IKEA Group
David Hallgren, Senior Manager, Accenture Strategy – Automotive & Consumer Goods




SEI-Staff-JohanLKuylenstierna-Highres1-15MBMellanrum 1asauhlin-va
Johan Kuylenstierna,                                                  Åsa Uhlin,
Executive Director,                                                         Editor in Chief,
Stockholm Environment Institute                               Veckans affärer




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